Application description

Drosera logo Drosera is open-source orienteering competition management software. It allows you to manage multistage competition in orienteering using electronic punching system.

Screenshot of reading cards in Drosera The application is capable of managing competitor entrys, manage changes just before competition, read data from electronic punching system (SPORTident) and to process results from the orienteering event. The software uses standard orienteering IOF XML format to exchange data with other orienteering applcations. It can cooperate with third-party orienteering software through it's REST API.

To begin with, on sourceforge profile page you can find some screenshtos.

The project is still in beta development phase, although it has been tested so far tested on several real orienteering competitions (Prague Easter 2010, Prague Easter 2011, Pražský žebřík Dubá 22-23.10.2011, Prague Easter 2012, Prague Easter 2013, Prague Easter 2014) in parallel with Orienteering organizer. The application is not recommended to be useed in any official orienteering event yet. At least not without some other application as backup.

Any sort of contribution is strongly wanted: